During the monsoon in Nepal the country is hit by heavy incessant rainfall consequently causing floods and landslides in various parts of country as it happens during every monsoon season. Tourism industry is taking its slow pace as is normal during every monsoon season. But we can still see the flow of pilgrimage tourists to go to Mount Kailash in Tibet. As they make their Mount Kailash pilgrimage journey via Nepal, Kathmandu still has movement of tourists even in the rainy season.  We have few camp trips running to MUSTANG, DOLPO,NARPHU and MOUNT KAILASH HOLY TREK to Tibet in August and RICE PLANTING TOUR in Pokhara and Kathmandu during Jun & July.
Although monsoon, in the forms of flood and landslide, has caused some damages in various parts of the country, this season has its tremendous beauty that is so overwhelming. All tourist travelling with us now are safe.
The surround hills has been covered in all green; dust in Kathmandu has transformed into mud; clouds are dancing over the Nepal sky; rice fields are alive again with new paddy saplings growing towards maturity; rivers are surging with heavy rapids flow because its monsoon and its beautiful. But as the travelers’ flow the country is rather low, we have the whole mesmerizing monsoon beauty to ourselves and we are enjoying it to the fullest.

But we promise you that we will keep the amazing beauty of the Himalayan land for you, if you are planning to travel to Nepal, as well to enjoy during the coming peak season from September to December. The coming high tourist season to trek and tour in Nepal looks pretty good, in terms of the projected number of tourists coming into the country. Lots of people have been inquiring about our trips during the peak season and bookings have been made. All the activities will be in service of the travelers in the main tourist attractions in Nepal during the peak season.